"Getting a reading from Jessica is like getting a loving (yet funny and sassy dose) of love of inspiration from your magical fairy godsista'! Every reading I've had from her has provided powerful insights that have helped me to gain clarity on my current circumstances, followed by clear action steps to help me move forward. 
If you're looking to add more meaning to your life, or you're in need of some guidance and support, I highly recommend working with Jessica. She is extremely gifted and is truly one of a kind. Thank you for spreading your lift and sharing your gift with the world, Jessica!"

-Leanne K.


Your empathy and ability to read people then navigate the rough waters with them blows me away!
— Andrea H.

"I found my forever home thanks to Jessica. Searching for a place that I felt connected to and could truly call home alluded me until Jessica coached me. While working on my visual for a lifestyle that included my most important feelings, Jessica's skilled lead helped me turn my words, thoughts and motions into a heart pulsing vibrant scene with areas to be energized as well as reflective.
The experience with Jessica was so powerful I became enveloped by the scene I was creating and burst with the knowing I finally found my home. I realized I could see it and feel it all around me and that this scene was really home. I had been looking outside myself for home when it really was within me. Thanks to Jessica's gift for coaching, I have a home I can be in whenever, wherever I am and at any time I want. I rest, get inspired, and feel blessed in my home. A home with a tree that has grown taller, stronger, and more beautiful. Thank you, Jessica! The "Home Sweet Home" sign you gave me hangs securely in my awe inspiring home."

- Jean K. H.


"I literally cried (in a healthy cathartic way) afterwards. It really resonated within me. And for the first time I can put into words how I feel.... for me there was this little thing that was missing. 
I also believe i was divinely sent to you. Thanks for the great message and advice. The words really mean a lot to me.  I have a life coach here at home. She is wonderful and gives great advice and has really helped me through this. But the universe still told me to talk to you. And honestly I think you are going to have a thriving business holy crap."

-Stephanie G.



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