A simple, yet powerful, technique allowing you to heal emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

My crème-de-crème

The power of energy is incredibly healing! Life and everything in this magnificent universe is made up of energy.  We're all taught in school that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. However...  

During our Energy Healing session, we remove any built-up negative energy stored in your body from everyday stress and replacing it with pure, Divine energy from the Universe. 

This is done while using multiple healing modalities such as sound & vibration healing, Reiki, crystal healing, and more! The combination of modalities are endless and the healing possibilities are absolutely priceless! 


Energy Healing sessions include a combination of these sacred and ancient healing modalities:

- Crystal Healing - 
- Sound Healing -
- Singing bowls -
- Reiki -
- Aromatherapy -
- Sage -




Individual Session for Reiki & Crystal Sound Healing:
60 min | $90.00

(3) Reiki & Crystal Sound Healing Sessions:
60-min | $240.00

(4) Reiki & Crystal Sound Healing Sessions:
60-min | $320.00

(6) Reiki & Crystal Sound Healing Sessions:
60-min | $480.00

(8) Reiki & Crystal Sound Healing Sessions:
60-min | $640.00


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More about energy healing...

From the moment we're born and everyday after, our body and mind stores a complete record of information about us. Every positive experience of joy, gratitude, contentment, and peace of mind remains within us energetically. Additionally, so does negative energies and memories experienced via heartbreaks, grief, anger, judgment, and fear.

Removing blocked energy is a non-invasive healing technique.  It's extremely beneficial for assisting us in releasing any stored energies and memories associated with negative thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and patterns that can potentially lead to illness. During our sessions, you can experience a release of anxiety, stress, worries, fear, confusion, aches, pains, and disease - allowing for greater clarity, feeling lighter, and peace of mind.