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Fears are a natural and important aspect of life – at their core, they exist to keep us safe and alive. They're a survival instinct which allows us to better protect our self when we perceive to be in danger by signaling our 'flight or fight' response. 

Fears are a normal part of life. When used in a healthy manner fears can be quite useful as they encourage us to take caution when approaching potentially life-threatening situations. However, they interfere with us achieving our goals and when fears become irrational or turn into phobias, they can become harmful.


(n.) an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. 

Phobias are simply learned behaviors and are a remarkable example of how quickly we are able to learn. If you have a phobia you're all too aware that it tends to not respond to “logical thinking”.

Here's the thing, you were not born with your phobia; in fact, we are only born with two fears - the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling.  All other fears are quickly learned and can be just as quickly unlearned - NLP being the most immediate and effective method to do so.  



By overcoming your fears with NLP you will no longer have to consciously decide to be fearless. Your new and desired behavior towards your previous fear will elicit a subconscious response. No more coping. No more using the all illusive will-power. No more fear.   



Prior to my experience with NLP, I had quite the phobia of spiders. This included all critters housing more than 2 legs. In my defense, I didn't understand why in the heck anything would need more than 2 legs to move around? I felt it was simply unnecessary and ridiculous. 

This irrational reaction was tastefully displayed during class when my instructor, Michael, was flipping through a pop-up phobia book. Yes, a friggen POP-UP BOOK! My 'fight or flight' response immediately kicked in when I noticed the page housing a spider.  My heart began to race, my blood pressure went through the roof, and I was 1 foot out the door before he even had the chance to finish flipping the page open.


My reaction? To scream at the top of my lungs, jump 3 feet off the ground, leap over a 6'3 Olympic athlete, and hightail it towards the nearest exit - and all in under .05 seconds. 

Impressed with my cat-like reflexes? Thanks! Unhealthy reaction? sure.

After much, much coaxing to get me back into class, and armed with an agreement that Michael would keep that dang book out of his reach, (as I was legitimately scared sh*tless of that paper spider) it was then he volunteered my phobia to be used in class as an example of how NLP can completely eliminate unwanted fears. And wouldn't you know it - It worked!!!!  Holy crap, it freaking worked! Thanks Michael! 


Rescue damsel in distress... ✓

Rescue damsel in distress... ✓

Only a few days after my flawless performance, I was with a friend when I heard her cry out for help (more so a screech of utter terror).  When I went outside I found her standing on the top of her table, trembling in fear of said mysterious bug. 

I, yes - yours truly, went outside and faced the critter head-on. Protective gear and all...

you know... safety first. 



Simply put, everything in our awareness, whether physical or mental, goes through a filtering process based on our past experiences, beliefs, ideas, values, and concepts in life.  Our brain creates neurological connections in order to identify and file our experiences for future reference.  Being as the brain takes the path of least resistance, it will continue to take the known and fearful connection over and over again.  


NLP works by creating a new neurological connection.  Your brain will happily trade in the unwanted negative emotion/reaction for the desired positive one - the path of least resistance. 

Today, various NLP techniques are available to help you to address, change and re-evaluate past events, beliefs, values, ideas, and emotions to create new and more suitable (thus, healthier) neurological connections. Regardless of a fear being rational or irrational, NLP can absolutely eliminate phobias and unwanted fear(s) completely in just a few sessions, and in most cases -only one.


When we meet, we'll work together to gain an understanding of your unique set of circumstances, which led to the formation of your phobia. I will then choose to use one or a combination of techniques to enable you to break this unhelpful behavior pattern. 

For these NLP techniques to work it just requires you to ‘play out’ and visualize the set of circumstances that trigger your fear or phobia. You are by no means exposed to the phobic subject. The sessions are not an ordeal; in fact, you will probably enjoy the session though not necessarily understand why the experience works. It's only a matter of you making the decision of being ready - to rise up and and to move on.


What's holding you back? Fear?


I can fix that. 


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